• A Songwriters Right – Hollywood, CA.
    • A live weekly podcast hosted by Scotty Grand, Leo Moctezuma, Guy Baruch, and a plethora of special guest stars. A.S.mark provides real-time social media broadcasting (including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter), and production team management.
  • LunaOlivo – Santa Barbara, CA.
    • A new revolutionary artisan olive oil company leading the way through innovation with infused flavored oil right out of the California vineyards. A.S.mark provides live event social media broadcasting, marketing sales collateral, and market penetration across the Western States.
  • TempleBase – Hollywood, CA.
    • A recording studio home to many great musicians alike looking to find the best vibe in town. A.S.mark provides website consultation, enhanced live event consultation, and production team management.
  • Pacific Coast Wrestling, “PCW” – Long Beach, CA.
    • A professional wrestling company with 8 live events annually showcasing the hottest independent talent wrestling the world over has to offer. A.S.mark provides social media campaign management and enhancement to the live fan experience.