Alejandro began his marketing career in the mobile marketing space working for a telecom company. There he joined the few that created a community for mobile marketing and established a new outreach of customers with digital content.

Alejandro spent the last five years honing his craft as a digital editor, project manager, product developer, and copywriter as a trainer in the healthcare information technology industry.

Alejandro studied Film and Media Studies at UC Santa Barbara, earning a Bachelor’s degree in 2o08. After graduation, and settling in San Diego for a few years, he was fortunate enough to travel for a living. With over 23 states under his belt he wanted more, and eventually leisurely explored Poland, Germany, Italy, Japan, and the Philippines. He returned to education in 2015 when he obtained his TEFL (Teach English as Foreign Language) Certificate to become an English Teacher abroad.

Most recently, Alejandro has branched into his own taking on various film related projects and service level roles which lead to the formation of A.S.mark.

I know this because I’m A.S.